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A woman who loves a wide selection of colorful and beautiful garments and can also feel good about every purchase they make.


Supporting the community - At Good Row Clothing Co, we are dedicated to giving to the community. Based in Downtown Los Angeles, we witness the growing need for affordable housing everyday. In fact, our city Mayor has declared a State of Emergency to the concerning rapid growth of homelessness.

It is estimated that more than 13,300 women are homeless within LA County. Therefore, 10% of every purchase made on our site is donated to help end homelessness. If there is anything we have learned from this business, it is that homelessness does not mean hopelessness. 

"Many factors may drive a woman to the streets, whether domestic violence, lack of affordable housing, job loss and unemployment, lack of social support network, mental illness, physical disability, or substance abuse." - DWC


Sourcing Responsibly - The fashion industry has inevitably turned into a "fast" fashion industry. With the rise of the internet and big named retailers, there are now more choices than ever for the female shopper. The problem with fast fashion is that too many people in the supply chain are put on the back burner in order to meet the lowest prices possible. 

From a realistic standpoint, we do not see this "fast" fashion trend dying anytime soon. However, we do feel it is very important to source responsibly. Therefore, more than 50% of our catalog is USA made from many smaller brands you've probably never heard of. We're very proud of being able to support smaller labels and in return sell more socially responsible products to our consumers.


Diversifying our Collections - The average American women identifies as a size 14 and more than 67% of women identify as plus size yet only 9% of the market caters to these women. Furthermore, by 2050, more than 53% of women in America will be women of color.

All women deserve to dress in cute clothes and all women should be represented in the stores they shop at. We work with models of all different shapes, sizes, and color. Furthermore, we carry an ever growing collection of plus sized items.


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